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My Hair Story

My hair story begins at my roots. I’m mixed and my hair has a very different texture. It has really fine curls which means my hair has a tendency to be dry. Growing up I never had a problem growing out my hair and my hair actually grew very fast.

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Growing up in the UK, there wasn’t anyone in my school that looked like me. There were other mixed girls in my school but we were all very different to each other. I always had my hair in a hundred and one braids thanks to my mum. This made me really self contours and insecure. When being with my friends they always had their hair open or in really cool half up half down styles and I was stuck with my hair in braids and even if I did open my hair my hair wouldn’t look or feel like my friends hair. This can really impact a young girls mind.

After we moved back to South Africa, my mum was told about a hair relaxer for younger girls and I thought it was the best thing ever. Even though it was made for young girl and had a special gel burn shield thing it BURNED LIKE HELL.  But I was so excited I just held it all in. For that moment after I had blow dried my hair, all the burning way so worth it. Now my hair matched my skin and I can now fit in with all my white friends.

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In order to keep up with all this amazingness, I had to relax my hair every 3 to 6 months. I did two more treatments with this brand then I decided to go in every 6 months with another brand for adults. Needless to say my hair was messed up. It had become dry and broken. My hair started breaking off. My scalp was extremely dry, flaky and I had developed a bunched of sores. My hair had seemed to have stopped growing completely. (I had to cut my hair to chin length in grade 5 because my ends were so broken. Only once I got to University, when I started my natural journey, did my hair reach just below my collarbone). I was in a co-ed  school at this time and I had somehow heard that all the boys in my grade had nicknamed me “steal wool”. This brought me down and hung over me like a cloud for the rest of my schooling career.

One day, I was on Instagram and I found this girl (Frogurlginny) and I thought her hair was amazing. It made me so jealous knowing that my natural hair was of similar texture and I didn’t look like that. Her hair literally crowned her head. I was officially on a mission to go completely natural. I quickly learned what different products and oils are good for my hair and how to handle my hair. I decided to start with a little restyle by cutting my hair into a really short bob and just with that cut my hair started looking healthier. I started using olive oil and coconut oil straight away and my hair grow more that it had ever grown in 9 years.

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My hair as of today. most of it is natural but there are still treated parts that need to be cut off.

As of present, my hair is still in transition. During December 2016 I had cut it to get the last of the damaged treated ends off the bottom section of my hair. My new natural hair is thick and grows at a good rate.However, majority of the top section of my hair is still quite damaged and I’m still hanging on to it because it makes it a lot of my length. Recently, I have struggled with anxiety a lot. After an episode, I woke up in the morning and washed my hair in the shower to find that a bunch of my hair had fallen out. However, as of now it is no longer a bald patch in front of my head and has filled in with one or two curls.

The thing I realized was I had a problem with accepting who I was. You always want what you don’t have, YES, but for me it was like I didn’t see myself as beautiful. (It really goes so much deeper then just my hair). I can remember at the age of 4 going to shopping centers and finding my mothers old friends and they would always say “She’s so beautiful-she’s so pretty” and I would always hide myself, in a way like in discussed and somehow just knowing that they were lying, even though that probably wasn’t the case. When I was in school in England, I would always hear girls tell their mothers that they wanted their hair like mine, I just saw myself as not pretty.

I am a vessel of so many stories. So many people, countries, journeys. These are in my shape, the color of  my skin, in  my eyes, in my hair. I might not know these stories but people still find these stories interesting. I would love to learn about these stories but until then I am more then willing to be the vessel.

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My New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year

I know and understand why people don’t like these post and don’t believe in resolutions. However, I do believe in self improvement and bettering yourself. 2016 kick a lot of people in the backside. I for one had an extremely difficult time with a lot of things. At about mid November I decided I really need to change things. I was tired of wishing for better things, I decided it was about time I did things for myself.

I am also a believer in: once you say something and put it out it may become a little more easier to achieve these things. That’s why I’ve decided to share them this year. Also I can look back at this at the end of the year and see if I actually carried out any of these resolutions.

  • Loose weight and get fit – I have struggled with my weight for years and in 2016 I had some run ins. So that’s why I’ve decided to actually take care of my health and concentrate on my health. Keeping fit by exercising and eating better.
  • Improve on my Makeup skills – Its no secret, I LOVE MAKEUP!!! I’ve actually found a love for this only in 2016. I Know I can improve my skills and also improve my collection.
  • Establish a good daily routine – In 2016 I literally watched days fly by. I slept when I wanted, I would eat at terrible hours. This year I’m going to find a routine that fits me and my lifestyle.
  • Save Money – Every little helps. ‘m not saving for anything special, more for just a rainy day. It’s always a good idea to have some type of cash available. Besides, Its always nice to see a big bank balance.
  • Be constant on Social Media – I’ve always wanted to start a blog and to be honest I have started a few in the past and I’ve always haven’t stayed constant. I always say I’m the worst 19 year old ever because I’m never consistent on Social Media. But this year I’m going to keep at it. Even I have to tweet about a really dramatic sneeze I had. Yes, I mean it.
  • Drink more Water – This kinda goes in conjunction with the first resolution, but I’m putting such a importance on it I want it as a resolution by its self. Looking back at 2016, I know I didn’t drink that much water witch is really unhealthy. Living in South Africa, Knowing how hot it gets, I know the importance of water.
  • Make time to Tidy up and be Organized – I’ve been so slap-dash with everything in 2016. This year I want to step up by game. I’ve already have a started a bullet journal and have a daily task dairy.
  • Make Time to look after myself – Trying to juggle  everything, I’ve neglected myself and haven’t taken care of myself. Taking the time to make sure my outfits are well put together, make sure my hair is healthy and neatly in place,
  • Improve on my Photography skills –  I apparently take really good pictures, but that’s mostly on my phone. However, I want to take good picture on a pro camera and learn how to edit them.
  • Meet New People – This one is just for fun. I love making new friends. I love meeting new people and learning things from them and at the same time seeing how similar we are.

I would love to hear some of your resolutions. If you have any tips on how you have achieve any of my goals that would be a great help.

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