A Letter

this is just a little post dedicated to some girls i really care about. i just felt the need to let you guys know a few things, somethings i wish someone told me…

it’s ok to stand out in a weird way. your little quirks are what makes you, you. your quirks are a little light, don’t let anyone or anything take that spark away from you. people may undermine your intelligence but you know your capabilities. please don’t fall to follow the people around you. you are on a road to something amazing.

i now sometimes you feel its better for yo to just keep quiet and not tell people how you actually feel about a situation, just to keep the peace. but sometimes its better to just speak out. holding back emotion isn’t good for anyone. however on the other hand i admire the fire you have inside. its ok to get angry sometimes. sometimes you need to get a little angry to let people know not to interfere with you, not to step all over you.

its hard accepting yourself, especially when you don’t look like everybody else. and now you’re growing and becoming a young women we have to show girls that come after us that its ok to look they way they do, and that there is nothing wrong with the way you look. hiding yourself behind anyone, or anything is not the answer. you’ll find that the people that are your true friends that stay with you through everything and support you are loving you from the realest place. and the way you look will not be determined by a man. if he loves you he will love you with everything you have and everything you don’t have.

loving yourself is going to be the hardest thing you will ever do. its all about accepting the way god and you. just remember that if you don’t love yourself, no ones going to love you.

love, monique mckenna roux



1. being alone does not mean you’re lonely 

2.women are something out of this world attract the energy you give off begins and ends in your head   –   what you give power to has power over you is so much broader then you think

6.the most amazing things happen when you step outside your comfort zone only have one body – enjoy it, take care of it, accept it, love it your own version of beauty

9. pay attention to your thoughts   –   what you’re thinking is what you’re attracting to yourself the same way you would talk to someone you love

11.PEOPLE will NEVER give you happiness

12.your feeling and emotions are valid   –   no matter how abstract

13.self doubt yourself

14.some things will never return to its true form   –   and that’s ok

15.even at your BEST, you will never be enough for some people one can take your knowlage hard not smart

18.believe in yourself and believe in something that keeps you going   –   God, the universe or whatever you believe in

19.people will have opinions on you and what you do no matter what you do

20.forgiveness is hard   –   but it is good for your soul


How to Wear a Bold Lipstick

some kids had to grow into their ears, other kids have to grow into their noses… i had to grow into my lips. i always had big lips and it was one of my biggest insecurities growing up. i would always smile and suck in my lips when taking pictures to try and take the hugeness away (didn’t work). but as i grew my lips started to fit my face but i was still really scared to wear bright colored lips because it would bring attention to them. at the age of about 16 i just got really tired of wearing plain old clear lip gloss (i just cringed), i went out and got my first bright red lipstick. people still had things to stay, but that’s just people.

however, with big lips comes real, extreme sensitivity. during this experimental time period i suffered with major dryness and cracking to the point were my lips would bleed. i learned real fast to take care of my lips and that constant use of lipsticks dries out my lips. so i created a little routine and guide as to how to take care of my lips and how to look good while wearing it.

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Monique McKenna’s Guide to lovely, kissable, bold lips:

drink less coffee and drink more water

water is really good for your skin and your lips is just a more sensitive area of skin. coffee is something to watch out for. make sure you try to say away from or you just completely stop drinking coffee or you can always drink it out of a straw (just an idea) . coffee may stain you lips which can change the color of your chosen lipstick depending of the type of lipstick, as well as staining you teeth that brings me to the next tip…

make sure your teeth look as white as possible

its really unpleasant when you see a smile with beautiful deep purple lipstick and teeth with a hint of yellow in them. one of my biggest insecurities and something i’m really conscious of. and anyway its always nice to have white teeth. there are defiantly other home fixes to get your teeth white but i just find it easier to use the Colgate optic white toothpaste because honestly i wouldn’t have those ingredients in my pantry and its just easier for me really.

Colgate Toothpaste Optic White at Dis-chem

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my lips are pros at getting dry. sometimes it gets really gross and dried skin accumulates on my lips (that’s when you know i’m really stressed and neglected my lips… so sad). the best thing to do in that case is to exfoliate. i’ve never really looked, but i did hear that their are lips scrubs available in stores but i’ve never come across anything as yet. i’ve always used a home fix of brown sugar and coconut oil or olive oil. i normally use about 1 teaspoon of sugar to 1 and a half to 2 teaspoons of coconut oil or olive oil. this is a affordable method, and i already had the ingredients in my kitchen cupboard. i started out by doing this every second day, because my lips were so bad, but now i do it once a week because i found i don’t really need it that much anymore and make the mixture just before i brush my teeth.


i can’t stress this more. i feel like this should be a no brainier. your lips are a really sensitive. i know mine react to everything, hot weather, cold weather, pool water, hot tea… anything that “maybe” harsh. I find it helpful to always have something to moisturize your lips. for years and years my gran would always give me vaseline to help me (cause you know she knew my struggle) but recently i’ve started using labello lip butter in the vanilla and macadamia flavor and i’m really enjoying it. it doesn’t leave  my lips oily and slippery which it what i didn’t like about other products. its really soft and is really refreshing after i use my lip scrub and also after my lip scrub.

Lip Butter at Dis-chem 

once you have all these things sorted you’re ready to wear your favorite lipsticks and glosses. i think its really easy to add at least one of these tips to your routine.

hope you enjoyed it

please note that i have not been paid to mention or promote these products.


music has always been a major part in my life. to be honest, not that i’m trying to blog more, i’m trying to put more of my personality in to things. the other night i was trying to think of things to put up and i thought to myself that its really weird that for the first time ever i’m doing something and i’m not talking about music… that’s how this idea came up. i recently just had the feeling to talk about music. the only problem is… the people around me think i have a bad taste in music. not i’m not saying i know everything about music, but i know enough… my mum has been a musician for a very long time and i may not be a singer or musician but i was definitely her worst critic, by far. when ever she would practice, she would ask me to listen in and give her feed back. up until the age of 5 it was all “that was lovely mum” it soon turned into the most brutally honest comments ever. and yes i do feel bad.

now i don’t want to use my platform as a place to bash artists. i’m only going to talk about artist i actually enjoy listening to. i don’t have a preferred genre of music so everything i post, however often i post, is going to be different every time. you would find that now and again i would dip into the archives and pull out some really old stuff.

music triggers different things and emotions in everyone. for me i have visual experiences. i see stories from the lyrics, or pictures like an art form. kind of like those weird things in music videos that no body really understands.

so my plan for this topic is to talk about songs, a song or an artist that is making me a bunch of emotions and then share them and hopefully you would enjoy their music just as much as i do. also if you’re a young artist that starting out, i would love to listen to your stuff and hopefully feature you in a post.

i’ll be working of the first post and it will be out soon. follow me on my social media to let me know what you want to see, or what i should listen to. like and share with friends.

monique mckenna



My 5 Most Played Songs as of Today.

please note: i’m a person that goes through a bunch of phases, and my phone is the last thing to actually notice. but i thought it would be cool to look at this trend or rather habit i have of going to the same string of songs for this period of time and share them with you. and perhaps i could look back at this and see what i was going through at this time in my life and try to make sense  of these choices.

5. black birds by nathalie saba.


this song is everything i want to be in a way. if you really want to get to know me, pick me up lets sit in the car at the beach and listen to that song, Lord knows what will happen. nathalie saba is an egyptian singer. her career started in 2011. this song came out in 2016. this song just sets something off in my. the beat, in a way kind of speaks of her roots. her vocals are quite different. she has this sweet voice that in a way reminds me of norah jones but then she just takes it to different places to make it a little more magical.

i just found out, for the purpose of the blog i went to do research on nathalie and only just found out shes egyptian and i feel like i felt that through the song. this song gives me a visual of pure gold and precious stones. some type of rich setting that’s all luxurious.


4. mine by phoebe ryan (michael keenan remix)



i’m not going to go on about this song, cause it has so many things i love about it. for now, i’m just going to say i found it s empowering for me personally (i’ll go into it in the next music post). phoebe is a 26 year old from texas and has been in the industry since 2013. this is the very first song from phoebe i’ve heard. i honestly enjoyed the remix more then the original song just because its the first version i heard and it just puts me in an uplifting mood. this song got me through some stuff…


3. this girl by muto featuring m. maggie.artworks-000143902308-2x07kl-t500x500

this song is all bout the beat for me. yes i’m the weird person that just randomly screams in their car to release emotion… and this is the song i do that to. it just alows me to express joy if i need to, express anger or sorry bin any way. muto was really hard to search on the internet but his sound cloud account said his name it miles davidson from sydney australia.

the verses in the song are telling a story about something that’s going on. a little intence, like someone is going through torture or torturing someone or maybe some one in battle. or maybe i’m completely wrong about it all lol. sometimes i thought i heard a heart beat in the actual beat, weird, but if its true then that’s really impressing. the bass itself is unbelievable. i love to drive with it as loud as i can take it with the windows up just to take it in. like nathalie and phoebe, i’ve never heard of muto before this song, but i actually want more.


2.things we ought to say by jamyang


like a lot of the artist on this list i have no idea who they are. if its a they, a him, a her. i’m clueless! i’m sure i’m pronouncing the name wrong aswell. and just like muto it was really hard trying to find a profile on the artist.

but what attracted me was the mellowness of the song and the cool sound. its not over powering at all. but the lyrics are so beautiful and the delivery of these lyrics are just as they needed. not too much… not too little.



1. down for you by kehlani featuring bj the chicago kid (djemba djemba remix).


if you know me well enough you would know, kehlani is my girl. before you listen to this one go and listen to the original song. if you into the old school style  r&b you’ll love it. that version is kind of reminiscent for me because i grew up going to family functions and having songs in that type of mood being played. kehlani is a vocalist from the bay area. she came onto the scene in 2009 when she entered america’s got talent. kehlani is really special to me because she believes in a lot of things i believe in.

this is the first version i heard of the song and its number one on my most played playlist so yeah i prefer this version. only because i feel like the vocals were slowed down a bit so you could actually hear what the lyrics are. i think they are the sweetest lyrics ever, EVER. it’s about people describing their feelings for each other and they are into each other. there’s also this amazing “guitar solo” into that the original doesn’t have. i say “guitar solo” because i think its actually a keyboard that is make to sound like a guitar because its just too good… i don’t know if that makes sense???

Fashion & Style, Lifestyle

My Durban July Experience

so the durban july happened a long time ago now and my feet have only JUST recovered from it now.

i had so many photos and stuff from the day that i wanted to share but i didn’t want to bomb anyone on instagram and have like 1200 posts with me in just one outfit (if you follow me you would know that i’m more then capable of that happening). so i decided to make a blog post seeming that i’m not really on my blog that often and to just post everything here.

so firstly… my outfit. i decided to challenge myself by making my own dress, seeming that i couldn’t find anything in the shops and i was on quite a small budget and pressed for time. if you didn’t know i’m a fashion design student, so i am capable of sawing my own garments and stuff. the thing is… i only started cutting the material the morning before the durban july. we had been swamped all week in class with our projects that i didn’t have time to make my dress until the friday. i didn’t even have time to make a pattern. i just cut material and preyed it came out fine. the side seems were horrid and the zip was really off. that’s why i had my denim jacket over my solders. i decided that i want to make that outfit again but just do it the way it was intended. maybe for the next time i want to wear something similar. my denim jacket and heels were both from Mr Price and my bag was a gift.

the durban july isn’t only a racing event it’s also a HUGE fashion event in south africa. i had entered the young designers composition and when you enter you get complimentary tickets. it was an amazing experience. all the models from the competition walking around and and all different types of fashion and celebrities… we happened to see some people (can’t really remember their names) and amanda du-pont and it was really crazy trying to get a picture with her (i would get into serious trouble if i posted the rest of the pictures i took).

i had such an amazing time and i can’t wait for next year to go.